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Kiki is a proud Houston native who lives by the phrase "'walk by faith". As a child of God, she focuses her energy on the gifts God gave her so that her light can shine and God can get all the glory.


Contrary to popular belief, Kiki is a tomboy being raised as the only girl with two brothers and all boy cousins. Given this, The OG clothing brand embodies Kiki's aesthetic at her most natural state: minimalistic, comfortable and luxury urban wear. In keeping with her affinity for exclusivity, The OG is simply a one of a kind brand. Each piece is timeless and classic so you're guaranteed to make a statement wearing The OG, effortlessly.

Naturally, Kiki is extremely competitive and arguably addicted to winning, which birthed the slogan "Winners Win".

By embodying this mindset she has been able to thrive in many different areas including modeling as a nationally and internationally published model, acting, network marketing, law, and now entrepreneurship. 

"The OG" is present in all walks of life whether it's your big brother, an elder, your cool uncle, your barber or even a friend.

The OG brand caters to those who undergo the task of offering game, promoting authenticity, and keeping it one thousand.

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